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The Transit Riders Advisory Committee (TRAC) is a committee of volunteers who ride the bus at least two times per week. The purpose of the Committee is to provide insight and recommendations to the PSTA Board of Directors and its committees (as appropriate) on operational and transit service issues. The Committee is comprised of members from the public, representing diversity and geographic distribution of people in Pinellas County.

Purpose of the PSTA Transit Riders Advisory Committee (TRAC)

  1. Provide knowledge of the transit system and related overall community needs and values
  2. Establish comprehension of existing and future programs and projects related to delivery of public transit services
  3. Determine overall citizen values and responses for capital and operating items
  4. Promote better public dissemination of general information
  5. Provide input on various planning efforts such as the Transit Development Plan.

TRAC Committee representation consists of the following:

  • 12 transit users (defined by at least 2 trips per week) selected to reflect the diversity and geographic distribution of county residents
    • 9 county representatives
      • 2 representatives from north county
      • 3 from mid county
      • 3 from south county
      • 1 from the beach communities
    • 1 DART user
    • 1 student
    • 1 professional in the field of engineering, architecture, planning, legal business, finance, environmental, marketing or public relations or similar
  • The Committee also includes 5 alternate members; 1 from north county, 1 from mid county and 1 from south county, 1 professional and 1 student, to replace vacant regular member seats from each of their respective geographic areas. Alternate members are held to the same attendance standards as regular members, including eligibility for monthly bus pass distribution.
  • Members will receive a monthly bus pass for their service on the committee. Passes are distributed at meetings, encouraging meeting attendance and participation. Passes will not be issued for missed meetings.
  • Each member will be required to attend regularly and must notify PSTA TRAC staff of any expected absences. To maintain a position on the TRAC, a member shall maintain a minimum of 80% attendance rate. This equates to no more than one missed meeting for every four meetings attended and no more than four meetings within a two year-term.
  • The selected Committee members will complete the current vacated terms and have the opportunity to re-apply for the next two-year term.
  • Committee meetings usually take place the third Tuesday of each month at 4:00 PM at PSTA headquarters in St. Petersburg (near Carillon).
  • Current members may be eligible to re-apply for an expired term or other qualifying position, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Gloria Lepik-Corrigan

  • Chair
Representing: North County

Richard McDaniel

  • Vice-Chair
Representing: South County

Debra Bjorkquist

Representing: Alt. North County

Teresa Dunphy

Representing: Beaches

John Estok

Representing: Students

Renee Graham

Representing: Alt. Students

Sue Keating

Representing: Mid-County

David Kovar

Representing: North County

Korri Krajicek

Representing: Alt. Business Professionals

Mark O'Hara

Representing: South County

Elisabeth Olden

Representing: Mid-County

Timothy Parietti

Representing: South County

Kimberly Rankine

Representing: DART

C. David Schneider

Representing: Business Professionals

Derek Shavor

Representing: Alt. Mid-County

Camille Soleil

Representing: Alt. South County

Portia Smith

Representing: Alt. Mid-County

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