Employer's Choice

The Rewards of Employer's Choice

Participate in the Employer’s Choice Transportation Benefit Program and you can look forward to increased productivity from a workplace that arrives ready to start the day.

Encouraging your employees to ride public transit helps decrease traffic congestion and improve air quality. And, new Federal tax laws make this program add dollars to your bottom line.

For Your Business

Choose the option that's right for your business:

Employer Paid Benefit

Subsidize the full cost of your employees’ public transit commute with the purchase of 31-Day Unlimited Ride GO Cards or the cross-system monthly Passport. With this arrangement, your employees get a tax free transportation benefit, and you get a tax-deduction for the expense. Many local employers have found that providing transportation benefits offers a significant savings over offering the equivalent dollar value in salary increase.

Employer Paid, Pre-Tax Benefit

With pre-tax salary dollars, your employees can pay the full cost of transportation with the purchase of the 31-Day Unlimited Ride GO Card or monthly Passport. Since the ticket price is not subject to payroll taxes or income taxes, you both save.

Shared Cost Benefit

Share the cost of transportation with your employees and share the tax benefit. Whatever percentage you choose to contribute, your portion is tax deductible and the employee’s portion is tax-free.

For Your Employees

It's Easy, Just Say Yes!

Employer’s Choice is user-friendly for you and for your employees. In PSTA you have a partner that will help you create, implement, and maintain a successful program. Here are just some of the free tools available for your use:

Transit Fair

PSTA can provide your employees with bus riding tips, trip planning, details on local routes, and Employer’s Choice Transit Benefit Program information. Choose a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll do the rest.

Promotional Materials

Posters, newsletter copy, and payroll stuffers can be customized for your business.

Information Resources

Employees can access information about transit in several ways: schedules and maps at your location, via the web at www.PSTA.net, or through the PSTA InfoLine at (727) 540-1900. And, if you wish, PSTA will train a member of your staff as an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).

Employer's Choice

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