Emergency Transportation Plan

In the event of a hurricane, PSTA works with Pinellas County Emergency Management to assist with evacuation by providing bus transportation to designated shelters. A list of the shelters and routes that serve them will be posted prior to a pending storm.

There are also several locations where passengers can transfer and ride to a shelter with available space. The transfer locations are: Park Street Terminal, Central Plaza Terminal, Westfield Countryside Mall, Tyrone Square Mall, and Shoppes at Park Place.

Pets will be permitted on evacuation buses as long as they are in a pet carrier. Passengers who plan to evacuate to a shelter that accepts pets must pre-register with Pinellas County Animal Services
(727) 582-2600.

Citizens who need transportation to a “special needs” shelter must pre-register with Pinellas County Emergency Management (727) 464-3800, call your nearest fire department or home healthcare provider, or Submit a form online at http://www.pinellascounty.org/forms/evac-assist.htm.

PSTA recommends that passengers keep a close watch on any storm, and evacuate right away when suggested by Pinellas County Emergency Management. PSTA will phase out regular bus service as a storm approaches in order to provide evacuations and will halt service once a storm has Tropical Storm Force winds (40 mph).

PSTA will resume service as soon as possible after a storm passes. PSTA will keep the local media updated about the status of service, so tune in to your TV and radio stations for the most up-to-date information.

Emergency Transportation Plan

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