Convenient Bus Service Means Independence

PSTA’s regular buses travel around Pinellas County, and some express routes run into Tampa.
By using this network of bus routes, you can be more independent and enjoy affordable, frequent, and
flexible transportation.

Travel Training

Riding the bus is easy, and PSTA offers free travel training. Call the InfoLine at (727) 540-1900 to get started.

Bus Kneeling and Wheelchair Accessibility

All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps and have kneeling devices to make boarding easier. PSTA vehicles can accommodate wheelchairs and/or wheeled mobility aids that are up to 30 inches in width, 48 inches in length (measured 2 inches above the ground), and up to 600 pounds in weight when occupied. PSTA requires that all wheelchairs and/or wheeled mobility aids be secured by the securement system of the vehicle during transport. The first few seats behind the driver on all buses are designated for people who are elderly or have a disability. To assist passengers, Bus Operators will announce a specific stop
upon request.

Reduced Fares

Reduced fares are available to senior citizens, Medicare cardholders, and passengers with disabilities. Seniors who are 65 or older need to show the Bus Operator a PSTA-issued photo ID or a government-issued photo ID. Medicare cardholders need to show their original red, white, and blue Medicare card. Passengers with disabilities need to show a PSTA-issued photo ID that can be obtained by applying for the program.

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